Used Boom Lifts 101: The Difference Between Spider Lifts and Towable Lifts

There are a lot of options available to you when choosing used boom lifts to be used for your heavy construction projects. The sheer number of options could cause you to become overwhelmed when it’s time to make your selection. This is especially true if you are comparing two boom lifts of similar designs, [...]

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Understanding Different Types of Used Boom Lifts

NLEQ is proud to offer a wide assortment of used boom lifts to our customers. We also have the privilege of helping others understand what types of boom lifts, commonly called cherry pickers and man lifts, are available for them to purchase for their construction projects. While there are many different models of boom lifts [...]

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Used Cherry Pickers that Will Endure the Tests of Time

You may or may not have noticed, but the price of cherry pickers has been steadily increasing in recent years. Because of this, many savvy business owners are choosing to purchase used cherry pickers instead. The benefits of doing so are innumerable, with the biggest and most obvious benefit being the significantly reduced cost. [...]

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NLEQ’s Tips for Caring for Your Cherry Pickers

The cherry pickers sold by NLEQ are safe, reliable and are made by many of the brands that you know and love. But, just as you would if you bought your boom lifts brand-new, you will have to practice the proper care and maintenance of your used one. It is one honor of ours [...]

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From the Genie Z-40/23N to the JLG 1250AJP we have the equipment.

Finding the right articulating boom lift is all about comparing the many brands and models to find what is right for your needs. If you are considering something as big as the JLG 1250AJP or something a small as the Genie Z-40/23N, read on for more information on which is better for what [...]

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JLG 600AJ and Genie z-60/34 – What’s the difference?

Choosing an articulating boom lift can be difficult, as there are many different brands and models from which you can choose. If you are in the market for a 60 foot articulating boom lift, you may want to consider either the JLG 600AJ or the Genie Z60/34. The platform height of the JLG [...]

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Why You Should Choose Used Boom Lifts Over New Ones

More often than not, people that are buying construction equipment opt to buy that equipment new. While new equipment can certainly be a smart buy, used equipment offers a number of advantages as well. Here's why you should choose used boom lift over brand new ones. You'll Get A Lot for Your Money [...]

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What to Ask When Buying a Used Articulating Boom Lift

If you're preparing to buy a used articulating boom lift, you'll want to get some questions answered. From history to maintenance to hours, you'll want to buy machinery that does exactly what it is supposed to do for the price you are paying. Here are a few of the questions you should ask [...]

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